Available courses

This course will explore the corpus of Old Testament prophets. Issues of genres, themes, and historical context will be examined. Students will gain an awareness of overarching themes and styles within the prophets as well as an understanding of the unique contributions of the individual books.

In order to develop a basic level of cross-cultural competency, this course will challenge students to learn about the way people from various cultural backgrounds think, behave, and communicate. The students will also explore foundational understandings of the field of missiology.

In this course, students examine spiritual formation as an initial and ongoing foundation for the development of their leadership capacity. Students discover their strengths and explore God’s calling in their life. Concepts include spiritual disciplines, spiritual authority, types of leadership, and passion for leadership.

In this course, students distinguish, defend, apply, and teach foundational theological topics and key doctrines, of the Christian faith including salvation, the godhead, holiness and end times.

In this course, students will discover an overview of Scripture and examine ways in which the whole corpus is integrated to become a single book. Emphasis is placed on the major themes, key scriptures and major personalities of each book. Students will recognize the Bible as a “Pentecostal” book.