Available courses

CNS2270 Principles of Soteric Counseling - SP20.2

This course is an introduction to the principle areas, problems, and concepts of soteric counseling. It will be taught from an apostolic frame of reference.

ENG2015 - Introduction to Literature

Students engage in a variety of expository writing exercises, including literary analysis, through the critical study of various literary genres, including poetry, short fiction, drama, and the novel.

Teacher: Karla Adair

BIB3707 Spiritual Formation

This course provides students with tools and practical approaches to strengthening their spiritual formation—defined as being with Christ, becoming like Christ, and living for Christ. It includes an examination of spiritual disciplines and their role in spiritual formation.

Teacher: Chris Olson

CHM4860- Field Practicum I

The Field Practicum is a two-part class that nurtures ministry-mindedness and prepares students for lifelong ministry involvement. In Field Practicum I, students will develop a plan for their future ministry involvement. In this one-unit course, students will learn how to document observations and assessments of their ministry setting and their own ministry strengths and weaknesses. This course will set the expectation for continual ministry involvement and the practice of personal spiritual formation over the course of the BS in Church Ministry major courses, giving the student first-hand knowledge and experience in local church ministry

Teacher: Chris Olson