Available courses

PHI2500 Introduction to Critical Thinking

This course provides an introduction to the thinking skills necessary for the identification, understanding, and evaluation of arguments. It includes studies of language, common fallacies, and formal and informal reasoning.

BIB3116 Literary Exegesis & Analysis

Principles of interpretation of biblical texts that emphasize the use of historical materials, word studies, commentaries, and other tools; attention is given to grammatical constructions in the original languages.

Teacher: Paul Elder

CHM4890 Ministry in Context

This interdisciplinary capstone course aims at developing a theological perspective that will guide strategic thinking in the ministry setting. It encourages students to lead the church as a mission-driven community—a movement led by God’s Spirit, continually relevant to the ministry context. The course includes a capstone project in which students demonstrate their synthesis of insights gained throughout the Christian Ministry program. Special Considerations: This capstone course is open only to students majoring in Christian Ministry.

Teacher: Kasey Sees

CHM4861 Field Practicum II: Mentored Ministry

This course examines theories of grief and loss across the lifespan. The focus is on the experiences of loss, grief and bereavement as viewed by individuals, families and loved ones. Major topics include dying and bereavement, separation from a relationship, loss of a job, effects of a disaster, declines in functional health, acute illnesses and chronic diseases. The role of spirituality in the coping process is explored in order to increase the student's ability to implement Christ-centered faith modalities while mentoring or counseling with those who have experienced loss. 

Teacher: Kasey Sees

CNS2270 Principles of Soteric Counseling

This course is an introduction to the principle areas, problems, and concepts of soteric counseling. It will be taught from an apostolic frame of reference.

Teacher: David McKemy