Receiving Emails

From time to time, students or instructors can have issues with receiving emails. This can happen on occasion, but is not very common. AST has hired a company to ensure that all of our emails are sent to the designated emails.

Here is a list of some issues that some students have experienced and a remedy for the problem.

"Why am I receiving so many emails with everyone's responses from the threaded discussions?" - This is just a setting within your profile. It is set to default NOT to send emails, however, students can change this so that they get all of the responses from the discussions by email. Sometimes students choose this setting not knowing that they will get bombarded with everyone's responses which could easily be about 100 emails each week. To fix this, go to your profile, by clicking on your name at top right hand of page. Then click on "Forum Preferences" and change the settings.

"I am not receiving emails from admissions, instructor or students."
- This could be because several scenarios. One would be because for some reason your email provider is sending those emails to your "Spambox" or "Junk" mailbox. Please check this to ensure that it is not there are remove it and add the email to a "whitelist" (you will have to ask your email provider how to whitelist email addresses so that they do not get classified as spam). Another reason is your email address may be incorrect in your profile. Please verify the spelling. Sometimes for some reason an email provider will block certain emails from arriving because they think it is spam and somehow your email address is being completely blocked from another provider. You will need to check if your email is being "Blacklisted" by another email address.
Last modified: Sunday, August 21, 2016, 12:22 PM