Available courses

BIB1325 History and Literature of Ancient Israel - Fall 19

This course provides an introduction to and overview of the history and literature of the Old Testament. Students will be introduced to basic resources and methodologies for study. Relationship and significance of the Old Testament to the New Testament and the church will be emphasized.

BIB3320 - Prophets

This course will explore the corpus of Old Testament prophets. Issues of genres, themes, and historical context will be examined. Students will gain an awareness of overarching themes and styles within the prophets as well as an understanding of the unique contributions of the individual books.

ENG2015 - Introduction to Literature

Students engage in a variety of expository writing exercises, including literary analysis, through the critical study of various literary genres, including poetry, short fiction, drama, and the novel.

Teacher: Karla Adair

ENG1115 - English Reading and Composition

This course involves reading and interpreting a variety of narrative and expository texts including essays, fiction, and one longer, significant text. Students compose a sequence of expository essays and a research paper. Instruction emphasizes reading and writing as discourse with a focus on purpose/setting/thesis formation, sentence and paragraph structure, and essay development.

Teacher: Kari Lee